61-track, 4-CD set explores the experimental side of the British folk scene, from the folk-rock era to the present. Includes new and unreleased recordings from Imagined Village (the first new music from the band in 9 years, with vocals from Eliza Carthy), Justin Adams, and Stick In The Wheel, unreleased songs from Maddy Prior and Lavinia Blackwall, and rare demos from Sandy Denny and Richard and Linda Thompson.

Compiled by writer and broadcaster Robin Denselow, who also wrote the 24-page sleeve notes, the boxset is released to coincide with publication of  the book of the same title (on Omnibus) – which is an updated version of the celebrated story of the folk-rock era The Electric Muse, first published in 1975.

This boxset brings together an extraordinary cast of great musicians for the first time, and tells the story of how British traditional music has been re-worked with influences not just from rock but from punk, rap, electronica, big band brass, and sounds and styles from around the world. 


Sweet Greens and Blues 1964 (home recording) - Shirley Collins and Davy Graham

Gilderoy - Shirley and Dolly Collins

Crowlink - Shirley Collins

St Patrick Spens 1989 (live) - Fairport Convention

The Festival Bell - Fairport Convention

The World Is A Wonderful Place (demo) - Richard and Linda Thompson

Who Knows Where The Time Goes'?'  (solo home demo) - Sandy Denny

The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood - Imagined Village (vocals Eliza Carthy)

A Sailor’s Life - Lavinia Blackwall

John The Gun - Maddy Prior

Dark Morris Song - Steeleye Span

Harvest - Steeleye Span

What Do You Do In The Day'?' - John Kirkpatrick

I Got New Shoes  - Albion Dance Band     

My Dearest / To Ireland I Made My Way - Ashley Hutchings

She Moved Through The Fair - Justin Adams

The Ship In Distress - Andrew Cronshaw 

The Maid and the Palmer - Brass Monkey  

Alright Jack - Home Service

I Am The Common Man - Battlefield Band

Between The Wars - Billy Bragg

Hal-an-Tow - Oysterband

Susie Clelland - June Tabor and The Oyster Band

The Recruiting Sergeant - The Levellers

Plough The Speed - Edward II

Inexile - Capercaillie

Greenwood Laddie/Mrs Caprons Reel/Tune - Eliza Carthy

Worcester City - Eliza Carthy

Ale House - Martyn Bennett

Early One Morning - Jim Moray

Lucy Wan - Jim Moray

England, Half English - Billy Bragg and The Blokes

Cold Haily Rainy Night - Imagined Village 

My Son John - Imagined Village

Four Loom Weaver - Ian King

Bonnie Bunch of Roses - June Tabor & Oysterband

I’ll Show You Wonders - June Tabor and Oysterband

Saint Monday - Lau

Les Bras De Mer - Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita

Send Her To Holloway - The Rails

Far In Distant Lands - False Lights

A Gay Goshawk - Carole Pegg & Radik Tulush

Believing is Seeing - Rab Noakes

False Bride - Olivia Chaney

Willie O’Winsbury - Offa Rex

House On A Hill - Olivia Chaney

Searching For Lambs - Peter Knight's Gigspanner Big Band

You Know Me - Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band

The Copper Suite - Spiro

Sweet Thames Flow Softly - Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings

Sacred Earth - Sharon Shannon 

Hichki - Shooglenifty & Dhun Dhora

The Shearing’s Not For You - Yorkston Thorne Khan 

The Water Is Wide - Lizabett Russo

Bristol Slaver - Show of Hands

 Rigs of the Time - Lunatraktors

Villon Song - Stick In The Wheel

Top Knot - Stick In The Wheel

100,000 Years/ Brisk Lad - Stick In The Wheel

Spencer The Rover - Sam Lee

The Tan Yard Side - Sam Lee, Lisa Knapp and the Nightingale